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Kwantum Wank

An Adventure in Fandom

Kwantum Wank: An Adventure in Fandom
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Welcome to Kwantum Wank

They all had their own lives away from the computer. But when they gathered in front of their keyboards, they donned their personas and became one with the World Wide Web. In this state of virtual reality, they left the troubles and woes of reality behind. When duty called, they departed this surreal realm and returned to normality.

Until one day, during a virtual party within the confines of "Central Intelligence", the favored headquarters for chat exchange, one of them stumbles across a data mine that changes things for them forever. A vortex between reality and fantasy opens its black maw and sucks them into their wildest dreams.

Now they are alone in this fantasy land, forced to rely only on each other and Billy Joel, their mysterious guide through the lands of Fandomonium. Each scenario seems more incomprehensible than the last, but they soon begin to realize that the threads of fate are wound together, and that there is a threat greater than any of them threatening not only all of Fandomonium, but all of reality as well.

Welcome. This is a story about friendship. A story about love. A story about betrayal, treachery, and danger. But most of all, this is a story about fandom and all its glories and pitfalls.

Kwantum Wank is an ongoing story with new chapters added every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Illustrations will hopefully follow soon. Initially, KW was intended to be a comic, but due to some pitfalls and amateur skills at such things, we're holding off on that until such time where our artistic prowess has improved dramatically. So, for now, we hope you enjoy the installments that are provided.

KW is the brainchild of pontifax, pinkocracy, and ruuk out of our keen desire to have a successful webcomic. Hilarity is planned and expected, at least we think so. But KW is also much more than a comic; it's a community. The characters in KW are solely based on real people and Livejournal users. While I, pontifax, am the writer, at least for the time being, input comes strongly from KW's other two creators, as well as the many individuals who are involved within the story itself. We will have weekly columns by many members on topics ranging from movies to hair creme. As our audience grows, we anticipate involving even more people in this project.

KW is very dear to our hearts and we have big plans for it. We hope that you enjoy it, for what is it without fans? Feel free to leave comments, questions, suggestions, concerns of any kind in a comment on any entry; we'd love to hear from any and all of you.

Check the memories for an organization of Chapters, Character Bios, Columns, and other such items for easy access.

Weekly Columns:

"Words for the Wise" - Mondays - ladecker, our friendly neighborhood English paragon, wields her words well with her witty trivia on the English language.
"Full Metal Docket" - Tuesdays - gun_metal's reviews of Old School games. Using the special Metal Meter, come relive the nightmares and dreams of your childhood.
"Anime, Music, and Caffiene" - Wednesdays - dorknessrising finds and reviews the best and the worst Anime Music Videos on the net.
"R6" - Thursdays - bossgoji rants about whatever's pushing his buttons at the moment in his classicly rabid style.
"Wank of the Week" - Fridays - ruuk spotlights the week's best wank from her countless hours scouring the best of the worst on the internet.
"The Tweed Feed" - Saturdays - jasonfranklin doles out advice for the wayward souls. You got a problem? Send them to peabodytweed@gmail.com and he'll give you some advice!
"Blocking the Wall" - Sundays - pinkocracy is our resident film buff. Here she'll review films both mainstream and obscure, all with the rapier wit and striking perception we expect from her.

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Astute_: A community for the intelligent. Filled with brilliant people with warm hearts. Intellectually stimulating without being pretentious. Always looking for new, astute members. Created by our own ladecker and co-modded with gun_metal. Come join!
The Proto Culture: A caption-contest brilliantly run by gun_metal. Funny as hell, contests range from weekly comic cover to lyrics to one on one challenges. Special awards and a nifty trophy case. Definitely a must-join.

The content of Kwantum Wank belongs solely to pontifax, pinkocracy, and ruuk, except where otherwise noted, i.e. character usage, columns written, etc. ©2005
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